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We are proud to be trusted to manage the graffiti on many listed and historic buildings. Our thorough cleaning process is gentle to the building, yet effectively removes all traces of the vandalism and does not leave a “ghost” of the graffiti.

Protecting our historic buildings

•  DOFF® system

•  JOS/Torc® systems

•  Wet abrasive cleaning

•  Scottish distributor for Tensid® graffiti removal and protection products and Prosoco® stone cleaning chemicals

The processes we use to remove and protect against graffiti are sympathetic to the building and the environment. We are experts in the use of the specialist systems preferred by many conservationists and architects.

Specialists in:

Our methods

Protect your building from lasting damage or repeated expensive cleaning. We specialise in the application of permanent and sacrificial anti-graffiti protective coatings. This treatment protects the building by making graffiti removal easier and more effective.

Graffiti protection coatings

Graffiti removal and protection

Safe and effective graffiti removal from all types of surfaces including stone, brick, metal, wood and glass. Once gone, invest in a protective coating to allow for fast and easy removal of future defacement.

"What an excellent job your guys did on the graffiti at Compass House... We'll certainly keep your contact details in the event of any future occurrence and thanks for the prompt attention."

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removal and graffiti

protective coatings,

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