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We are experienced in working with major building contractors to carry out sympathetic restoration

of some of Scotland's most historically significant buildings. Our expertise gives you confidence that

your listed building is in good hands.

Gentle cleaning

with extra care


Each building is different, so we take great care in selecting the most suitable methods for each listed building clean. For example, Kelvingrove Art Gallery was cleaned using Latex Poultice, while at the Panopticon in Glasgow our skilled operatives used the DOFF® system with sympathetic chemicals to remove paint.

Carefully selected cleaning methods

•  Aberdeen City Council

•  Historic Scotland

•  Scottish Care Commission

•  Glasgow City Council

•  Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

•  The Scottish Parliament

We carry out skilled paint removal from listed buildings and historic structures. Paint removal was carried out at Crown Circus in Glasgow, a Grade B listed terrace, by wet blasting using recycled glass.

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Paint removal

Correct cleaning of listed buildings really can have an amazing result. Our recent projects include the cleaning of Marischal College in Aberdeen. We have expertly cleaned the granite, thereby transforming the colour of the building back to light grey, and revealing the original decorative features of this beautiful building.

Transformative results

"Glasgow-based Laserclean has successfully restored the interior stonework of the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum from grimy black to its original honey colour."