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Effective paint


Wet blasting is used to clean listed buildings and to remove paint from masonry, brick and concrete surfaces. Wet blasting is now preferred to dry blasting as it leaves a dust-free environment and is safe. We are experts in wet blasting, slurry blasting and soda blasting and will choose the right option for your building.

Effective, safe wet blasting paint removal


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The JOS/Torc® system is often specified by Historic Scotland as it is extremely effective whilst doing no damage to the historic building or structure.

DOFF® system

JOS/Torc® paint removal

We are skilled in paint removal using specialist masonry chemicals followed by specialist pressure washing. This process is sympathetic to the environment and does not damage the surface below. We have many techniques at our disposal to help clean your building and will always offer you our expert advice.

Chemical paint removal

The DOFF® system is equally sympathetic and gentle in cleaning listed buildings and structures and complements the Jos Torc® system for complete paint removal.

We have been trusted to remove paint from some of Scotland's most iconic buildings including

the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and the Panopticon in Glasgow.