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Protect your building against damage from the weather, pollution, stains and graffiti with a

range of high quality treatments. We have treated buildings of all types, sizes and ages across


Protective coatings for buildings


We are skilled in the application of coatings which protect against graffiti, moss, lichen, algae and atmospheric pollution. We are experienced in the application of silane impregnation, in line with the highways agency requirements, to protect structural steel within concrete structures.

Protection for all structures

 •  Stains

 •  Water damage

 •  Graffiti

 •  Moss and algae

 •  Pollution

 •  Food and drink spills

"The men took a lot of trouble to do a good job and were very pleasant to deal with. I would be happy to recommend your firm."

Application of waterproof coatings and impregnations provide colourless, long-lasting protection against the effects of water and wet/dry, freeze/thaw cycles which can cause structural and aesthetic damage.

Preserve your building

for future generations

with protective coatings.

0141 882 6671

Protect against:

Waterproof coatings

Choose to completely seal the surface of your masonry, or opt for a treatment that allows the surface to retain its natural colour, texture and breathability. We have a range of options available and will offer you our advice and experience to choose the right type of protective coating.

Permanent or sacrificial coatings